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Use the Calculator to find out how much your business can make by hosting a ChargerGoGo charging stations

Why host a charging station?

Did you know 9 out of 10 people go into panic mode when their battery is 20%? This means your customers will likely leave early when their battery wears off, leading to a potential decrease in revenue.

Boost foot traffic

Boost foot traffic

We feature GoGo Host
partners on our social media,
which will drive new customers
to your business.

Elevate the customer experience

Elevate the customer experience

Providing cutomers with a
convenient additional service
will enhance their overall
experience, and remove any
low battery anxiety.

Increase Sales

Increase Sales

With every portable battery
rented, your revenue increases.

Earn passive income

Earn passive income

Cash into an additional
revenue source.

Why ChargerGoGo?

Low phone battery anxiety is real, and it may be impacting your sales. We have just the right solution. With ChargerGoGo's two-in-one portable charger and display station, you can delight your guests, increase your sales, and earn passive income.

Calculate your potential earnings

We charge batteries, and you get paid.

Our Hosts are an essential part of our business model. Our team is here to help you get started easily and quickly and answer your questions with 24-hour service and support. We provide the tools to help you manage your business, a referral program to give you more ways to earn revenue, a 90-day guarantee, and a one-year warranty to provide you with complete peace of mind.

Revenue Share

Before breakeven: 80%
After breakeven: 70%

Support and service

Support & Service

24/7 Customer Support
One-year warranty

LED Display

LED Display

Showcase your specials on a high-resolution LED display screen

Charging Station Monitoring

Charging Station Monitoring

Monitor sales in real time and transfer account balance anytime with our host management app

Custom Wrapping Option

Custom Wrapping Option

Place your company logo on your charging station

Referral Opportunities

Referral Opportunities

Invite your friends to enroll as an IBO to receive 2% of the revenue generated from their charging stations.

What are my hosting options?

Distribution Host

Looking for a profitable side hustle?
You can become a ChargerGoGo Distribution Host and start earning extra income today. Click on the button and fill out the interest form, and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Revenue Sharing

Up to 80%

Own and operate ChargerGoGo stations anywhere

Become a Distribution Host

Local Host

Do you own a restaurant, bar, nightclub, coffee shop, gym, hair/nail salon, hotel, mall, convention center, museum, arcade, stadium, retail store, or a commercial venue with foot traffic? If yes, get a FREE ChargerGoGo charging station today. Click the button below and fill out an interest form. We will be in touch with you shortly.

Revenue Sharing

Up to 30%

Install ChargerGoGo Hardware free at your location

Become a Local Host
Tap into a lucrative source of passive income

# of






# of






Total Annual
Rental Revenue

$ 54,750

$ 273,750

$ 1,095,000

$ 2,737,500

$ 5,475,000

Annual GoGo Host Income: Consignment (30%)

$ 16,425

$ 82,125

$ 328,500

$ 821,250

$ 1,642,500

Annual GoGo Host Income: Purchased Unit (70%)

$ 38,325

$ 191,625

$ 876,000

$ 2,463,750

$ 4,927,500

*Daily transaction numbers vary according to the foot traffic of the business. Based on the assumption that there are just 5 transactions per charging station per day. For the sake of these calculations, we are computing only 70% revenue share, although you will receive 80% revenue share until break even point and 70% thereafter.

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Easy setup

Setting up your charging station is as easy as 1-2-3! Plug the station into an outlet near the cashier of your business or any high foot traffic location. Then, add the station to your app by searching the station ID or by scanning the QR code, both located on the station.

Track your transactions

Track your transactions

Track the transactions that take place at each station on your app and understand where your money is coming from.


Manage stations

Fully transparent so you can monitor your earnings any day of the week .


Withdraw your income

Easily withdraw your revenue from the charging stations at any time through the app.