Customer Support

Rent A Charger

How long can I rent a charger for?

Renting duration will be effective exactly 5 minutes after a charger has been rented. You can rent a charger for up to 24 hours at a $10 flat fee.

How much does the charger cost?

$1 to unlock the charger, $1 per hour. 24-hour flat rate is $10.

How do I rent a portable charger?

Use your phone to scan the QR code on the charging station, and follow the simple instructions to complete the rental.
Take the portable charger with the attached cables, and charge your phone on-the-go!

The system shows I rented successfully, but the charger doesn’t pop out.

This might be related to a weak connection of the network, please wait 1-2 minutes.
- If the charger is stuck, the sensor in our charging station will automatically recognize the issue, and our system won’t charge you.
- For any other scenario, please feel free to contact our customer service center at (833) 933 - 4646.

What should I do if the charger doesn’t work?

Please check if the switch on the side of the charger is ON (the ON/OFF button is either on the top side or bottom of the charger).
- If it isn’t the reason described as above, please return the power bank to the charger station immediately to avoid payment.
- After returning the one that doesn’t work, you can scan the QR code and rent a different power bank.

What should I do if the system shows rental failed?

This might be caused by a weak connection/internet, and most of the time the issue can be fixed by restarting the charging station. Please make sure the backlight on the station is on and solid (not blinking), before attempting to rent again.
- If the problem cannot be fixed after restarting the charging station, please search for another charging station nearby to rent a charger through the ChargerGoGo app.

Return A Charger

What if I am not able to return the charger on time?

After a period of 3 days, failing to return the charger to a ChargerGoGo station will cause the charger to be classified as purchased. If this happens, a fee of $20 will be charged to your credit card.

What if I lose or damage the charger?

If you lose a charger, please report the issue to us immediately to avoid any additional fees. Otherwise you will be charged $20 in order to replace the damaged charger.

How do I return the charger into a charging station?

Insert the charger with the arrow facing up, in an empty slot, and push firmly until the charger “clicks” into place.
- If your Notification settings are turned on, you will receive an immediate notification with the confirmation and receipt.

What should I do if the rental is showing as still on-going, even after I return the charger?

1. lf this happens when the backlight on the charging station is on, and not blinking, the issue is likely caused by inserting the charger in the wrong direction. Please take out the charger and re-insert it with the arrow facing up, or call our customer service center at (833) 933 - 4646.
2. If the backlight on the charging station is off or flashing, then the charging station is in a disconnected state. Please wait 10 minutes to allow the charging station to automatically reconnect.
3. If your rental is still showing as active, even after successfully returning the charger, please contact customer service at (833) 933 - 4646.

What should I do if I lose the charger?

If you don’t return the charger within 24 hours, the system will automatically charge you the value of the charger, which is currently $20.

What should I do if the charger station doesn’t have an available slot for me to return the power bank?

You simply can search for another charging station nearby to return the charger through ChargerGoGo App. If there are not any available openings near you, you can also contact our service center at (833) 933 - 4646.


Are ChargerGoGo chargers safe to use?

Yes, our chargers use a secure current that only allows electricity to flow rather than data transmission. Thus, our devices could not collect any information or data from your device. Outside of our own guarantee that they are 100% safe, ChargerGoGo Devices are certified by UL/FCC/CB/KC/ROHS/UN38.3/NBTC/CE.