Power On-The-Go

How many times has a customer asked to charge their phone? or because of low battery they have chose to leave?

Don't worry, ChargerGoGo is the solution.
Why host a charging station?

Low battery anxiety shortens a customer stay and/or creates wear on the staff and causes a potential decrease in revenue.

Higher foot-traffic

We feature our GoGo Host partners on our social media, which will drive new customers to your business.

Elevate customer experience

Providing customers with a convenient additional service will enhance their overall experience, and remove any low battery anxiety.

Earn extra revenue

With every portable battery rented, your revenue increases.

What we provide

Our Hosts are the most important part of our business. Our team is here to help you get started easily and quickly, and to answer your questions with 24 hour service and support. We provide the tools to help you manage your business, a referral program to give you more ways to earn revenue, and a 90 day guarantee and one year warranty give you peace of mind.

Revenue Share

Before breakeven: 80%
After breakeven: 70%

Support & Service

24/7 Customer Support
One-year warranty

90 days Money Back Guarantee

Lease an 8-slots charging station with a 100% refundable security deposit

Ready-to-Use Consumer App

Android and iOS
Progressive Web Application

Charging Station Monitoring

Host Management App
Monitor Sales in Real-Time
Transfer Account Balance Anytime

Referral Opportunities

Invite your friends to enroll as an IBO. Receive 2% of the revenue generated from their charging stations.

What are my hosting options?

Distributor GoGo Host

Looking to start your own business, or maybe just make some extra income, you can become a ChargerGoGo distributor. Just click the Distributor Sign Up button below fill out the distributor form, and we will be in touch with you to get you started.

Revenue Sharing

Up to 80%

Owns and operates ChargerGoGo stations

Distributor Sign Up

Local GoGo Host

Do you own a Restaurant, Bar, Club, Coffee Shop, Gym, Hair/Nail Salon, Hotel, Mall, Convention Center, Museum, etc. If yes, and you would like a FREE ChargerGoGo or would like more information regarding ChargerGoGo, just click For More Information button below.

Revenue Sharing

Up to 30%

No initial investment on ChargerGoGo hardware

For More Information
Where can you place the charging stations?

Our charging station works with any indoor environment and outdoor events as long as a standard power outlet is available.

You've heard enough :) and you want to sign-up and become a GoGo host. All you need to do is click the Sign-up Now button below.
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Download Our Host App

Sign up

Download our GoGo Host app and follow the steps to create an account.

Easy setup

Setting up your charging station is as easy as 1-2-3! Plug the station into an outlet near the cashier of your business or any high foot traffic location. Then, add the station to your app by searching the station ID or by scanning the QR code, both located on the station.

Track your transaction

Track the transactions that take place at each station on your app and understand where your money is coming from.

Manage stations

Full transparency monitor your earning any days of the week .

Withdraw your income

Easily withdraw your revenue from the charging stations at any time through the app.