Cold Calling Structure

Published on
August 12, 2022

Cold Calling Structure

  1. Intro/ Credibility
  2. Reason for the call
  3. Interest Generator
  4. Listen for Windows of Opportunity
  5. Convert Windows to reason to meet
  6. Setup meeting or next call


If calling a prospect with a large chain, ask to speak to a manager. If it is a local mom and pop business, ask to speak to the owner.

  • Steps 1-3 should be said without pause so as not to allow the prospect to interrupt you. 
  • Memorize the “Overcoming Objections” document, so that you spend your time on the phone listening to the customer instead of fumbling through notes.
  • Speak louder than normal as many people have low volume on their phones or there may be noise in the background. Further, speaking with a louder voice adds authority and credibility to your voice. Don’t scream though.
  • No call should last more than 10 minutes. If after that time you haven’t been successful in scheduling a meeting, then wrap-up the call and input the notes in your CRM.
  • Remember, the goal of cold calling is to determine what your prospects' problems are and then set up an in-person meeting with them. 


  1. Intro/ Credibility
  1. Hi, this is Aaron from ChargerGoGo. I’m calling about your restaurant on Charleston Blvd.

  1. Reason for the call
  1. The reason for my call is that our company just installed 9 smartphone charging stations at restaurants very similar to yours within five block radius of your location.

  1. Interest Generator
  1. What strategy are you using to increase the frequency of customers coming to your restaurants?

  1. Listen for Windows of Opportunity
  1. Venue Operator says:  What’s a phone charging station?
  2. You say:  It’s a display that allows customers who have a low battery life on their smartphone to charge it while enjoying their experience at your restaurant. Many of our customers report a significant increase in the amount of time customers are spending in their locations as a result.  How would a customer staying longer at your location affect your business?
  3. Venue Operator says: The longer a customer stays, the more they spend. So, that’s a good thing.

  1. Convert Windows to reason to meet
  1. Alicia, I’d love to show you how our new charging stations are not only increasing customer experience, but also generating venue owners additional income. 

  1. Setup meeting or next call
  1. I’m available to meet this Wednesday or Thursday between 10am and 12pm. What time is best for you?