Get to Know ChargerGoGo Referral Program

Published on
June 28, 2022

1. What is the Referral Program For?

The goal of the ChargerGoGo referral program is to provide an opportunity for individuals who may not have the funds to invest in charging stations to join the ChargerGoGo revolution for mobile charging. This program helps expand our network by allowing more people to participate and benefit from our growth.

2. How Does It Work?

When you refer someone to purchase ChargerGoGo charging stations, you will be rewarded with 10% of the revenue generated by the person you referred. This 10% revenue sharing is provided by ChargerGoGo.

There are two ways to refer someone:

  1. Invite New Referrals from External Sources: Bring in new participants from outside the existing network. Here is how it works:
    1. Go to the “Referral” tab.
    2. Tap on “I want to refer now”.
    3. You can choose to directly copy the link, share on social media, or send via Email.

Note: The link has your unique ID attached. Make sure your referral signs up using the exact page url you have provided.

  1. Add Referrals from ChargerGoGo’s Existing Hosts: If you know someone who is already part of ChargerGoGo’s network, you can ask their permission to add them as your referral. Here is how:
    1. Go to the “Referral” tab.
    2. Tap on “Invite existing host as your referral”.
    3. Enter referral GoGo Host ID.
    4. Enter either their email or phone number to confirm the account.
    5. Tap “Add”.
    6. Your referral will receive an in-app notification with confirmation button on it.

3. Check Referral Status

You can easily check the status of your referrals through the GoGo Host app to keep track of your earnings and the progress of those you have referred.

By participating in the referral program, you can contribute to the growth of ChargerGoGo’s network and earn rewards for your efforts.

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