How to Upload Creatives to Your Charging Station

Published on
June 28, 2022

You can upload any creative content to your charging station, as long as it is not a third-party ad. Here’s how:

1. Go to the Sidebar Menu

  • Open the app and navigate to the sidebar menu.

2. Tap on “Ad Request”

  • Select the “Ad Request” option from the menu.

3. Fill Out the Form

Complete the form with the necessary details.

Tips for Filling Out the Form

  • Follow the Spec Sheet: Ensure your creative follows the size specifications outlined in the spec sheet.
  • Select the Right Business Type: Make sure you choose the appropriate business type.
  • Indicate Third-Party Content: Clearly state whether the playlist is from a third party.
  • File Size and Quantity: Files need to be smaller than 50MB, and you can upload a maximum of 5 files at a time.

4. Upload Time

  • It will take 1-2 business days for the ads to be uploaded.

You Can Download File Here