How to Verify Your Account

Before you are able to withdraw your earnings, we must verify your information to ensure the security of the transfer of funds. You will have to provide a picture of your State Issued ID or Driver’s License as well as a W9 form. Here is how to verify:

1. Go to “Profile”

On the GoGo Host App, tap on Profile on the bottom navigation

2. Visit verification page

Tap on Verify Now or Withdraw Balance to be redirected to the verification page

3. Prepare your documents

  1. Download and fill out the W9 Form
  2. Tap on “I am ready to submit my documents!” when you are ready to proceed
  3. This will redirect you to a form submission page
  4. Enter your Name, Phone Number, and Email
  5. Submit a photo of your State Issued ID or Driver’s License and your signed W 9 form
  6. The verification process will take approximately 2 business days