Overcoming Objections from Venue Operator

Published on
August 12, 2022

We've put together a guide on navigating common objections you might encounter from businesses when introducing your ChargerGoGo stations. Remember, an objection signals interest—it means they're evaluating your product from a buyer's perspective.

Switching Mindsets Through Engagement: Asking open-ended questions can pivot the conversation from a dismissive attitude to genuine curiosity, opening the door for deeper discussions about our product. If you encounter a new objection, let us know so we can update our guide and assist further!

Objections and Responses:

"Customers won't use it."

  • How do you currently assist customers needing a phone charge?
  • Recall a time a customer requested a phone charge. What was the outcome?
  • Studies show customers stay longer where charging is available, enhancing their experience. How could this benefit your business?

"We already offer free charging."

  • How often is your charging port utilized?
  • What's your plan if the charging port malfunctions?
  • Are you monetizing its use? Would direct charging be more beneficial?
  • Consider the customer preference for charging their phone securely by their side.

"I could just plug phones into adapters."

  • What if a phone mix-up occurs, or a phone gets damaged or stolen under your care?
  • Our stations mitigate such liabilities, ensuring peace of mind.

"Concerned about electricity usage and costs."

  • Enhancing customer experience with accessible charging might outweigh minor increases in electricity costs, which most of our operators haven't notably experienced.

"No space for another device."

  • Is there room for more customers? Our data shows a 7.3% increase in foot traffic for venues with our stations. Consider the impact of additional customers on your business.

"It doesn't match our venue's aesthetics."

  • The sight of satisfied customers enhances overall venue atmosphere. Plus, our stations can be customized to fit your design needs.

"I'm not the decision-maker."

  • How would the decision-maker view your proactive approach to enhance customer service at no upfront cost?

"Our venue is already too busy."

  • Our stations can actually streamline operations, offering a simple, self-service solution that enhances customer satisfaction and may increase foot traffic over time.

"We don't want customers lingering just to charge their phones."

  • What if customers could charge on the go, potentially spending more during their extended stay?

"We prefer customers not spend on anything outside our core offerings."

  • Even venues with this viewpoint find value in improving customer satisfaction through convenient charging solutions, for a nominal fee.

"What if the station malfunctions or a battery is lost/stolen?"

  • Our comprehensive insurance covers station repairs, and our app notifies users of a $30 charge for any lost or damaged batteries, at no cost to you.

This guide aims to equip you with the strategies to turn objections into opportunities, emphasizing the benefits of ChargerGoGo stations for businesses and their customers alike.

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