Pre-Meeting Checklist

Published on
August 12, 2022

This document assumes that you have set up a meeting with a business prospect. Please print and use this document to increase the probability that the prospect will become your client.

The Night Before Your Meeting

  • Ensure that your demo charging station units are fully charged the night before.
  • Test the unit/smartphone app the night before to make sure your demo station is working. Make sure that a battery pops out properly.
  • Ensure that you have a full charge on your smartphone before your meeting.
  • Role-play a few times with yourself walking a customer through a demo.

Packing Your Car

  • Ensure to pack your trunk with a sufficient quantity of demo/new charging stations, US standard power cables, and stickers so that if you make sales during your meetings, you have everything readily available for location installations.
  • Ensure that you have a phone charging unit in your car to charge your phone between meetings. This will ensure that you will be able to use our app during your meeting.

Before starting your demo

  • Check on your cell phone that you have a good cellular connection.
  • Find a quiet place with a demo to conduct the demo/meeting where a power outlet is available
  • Before you start your demo, plug your station to get it connected to power.
  • Explain to the venue operator/decision maker the unique characteristics of this business that makes it ideal for a charging station installation.

You can download Pre-Meeting Checklist here.