Understanding the Battery Indicator Colors

Published on
June 28, 2022

The color of the battery indicator on your ChargerGoGo station provides important information about the status and health of the batteries. Here’s a guide to understanding what each color means:

1. Rainbow (Battery Inserted & Active)

  • Description: The battery is inserted and active.
  • Action: No action needed; the battery is functioning properly.

2. No Light (Battery No Power)

  • Description: The battery has a been out of power
  • Action: Place the battery the charging station, if it is not charging, eject the battery to replace.

3. Green (75% - 100%)

  • Description: The battery charge level is between 75% and 100%.
  • Action: The battery is ready for use.

4. Yellow (20% - 50%)

  • Description: The battery charge level is below 50%.
  • Action: Monitor the battery’s usage and consider return to the charging station.

5. Red (Below 5% - 20%)

  • Description: The battery charge level is below 25%.
  • Action: Return the battery back to station soon to avoid running out of power.

6. Purple (Processing)

  • Description: The battery is currently processing.
  • Action: Wait for the processing to complete. No immediate action is needed unless the light remains purple for an extended period.

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