Understanding Your Breakeven Progress

Published on
June 28, 2022

What is your breakeven progress?

When you purchased ChargerGoGo products, the amount you have paid will be recorded in the GoGo Host app. Before you breakeven, your will keep 80% revenue sharing. Once all of your investments are recouped, the progress bar will be set at 100% and your revenue sharing with ChargerGoGo will be set back to 70%.

View Your Breakeven Progress

  1. Go to “Profile” tab
  2. Scroll down to the bottom
  3. The bar will show the progress of your breakeven progress:

How to reset the progress?

To reset the progress bar and maintain your 80% revenue share, you can purchase more ChargerGoGo products. The new purchase amount will reset your progress bar. If you wish to purchase more ChargerGoGo products, please contact us at host@chargergogo.com.

You Can Download File Here