Unlocking Venue Potential: How ChargerGoGo Enhanced Operations at Area 15 to Maximize Success

Published on
June 28, 2022


As a ChargerGoGo Distribution Partner, it’s crucial to understand how to maximize the visibility and effectiveness of your charging stations. This case study of our collaboration with Area 15 provides key insights into successful implementation strategies.


Area 15 is a popular immersive entertainment venue offering diverse attractions such as art shows, VR experiences, and axe throwing. With hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, maintaining phone battery life became a significant concern, creating an opportunity for ChargerGoGo's solutions.


Area 15 faced the issue of low battery anxiety among visitors, which overwhelmed the customer service team with constant requests for phone charging solutions, detracting from other essential services.

Solution Implementation

1. Strategic Placement of Charging Stations: Ensuring that ChargerGoGo stations are placed in highly visible areas is vital. At Area 15, stations were strategically located near popular attractions and high-traffic areas. This visibility meant that visitors could easily find and use the stations, significantly reducing low battery anxiety.

2. Staff Assistance and Guest Navigation: Training venue staff to direct guests to ChargerGoGo stations enhanced user convenience. Area 15 staff actively informed visitors about the availability and location of charging stations, ensuring that guests knew where to go when their batteries were low. This proactive approach helped in maximizing the usage of the charging stations.

3. Seamless App Integration: Integrating the ChargerGoGo app with the venue's existing app provides a smooth user experience. At Area 15, the ChargerGoGo app was seamlessly integrated into the venue's app, allowing guests to access charging services directly from the same venue app for ticketing and other activities. This integration made it easy for visitors to locate and utilize the charging stations without additional steps, also helps the Area 15 to gain customer insight leveraging the opt-in user data.


The placement of ChargerGoGo stations in visible locations, combined with staff assistance and app integration, led to a significant increase of the product awareness and usage. Area 15 reported that there’s zero customer complaint about the phone charging service anymore, and the customer service team could focus more on other essential services, improving overall efficiency and guest satisfaction. Since the implementation, ChargerGoGo has rescued over 80,000 dying phones at Area 15, illustrating the success of these strategies.


For ChargerGoGo Distribution Partners, the key takeaways from the Area 15 case study are clear:

  1. Visible Placement: Ensure charging stations are placed in prominent, high-traffic areas within the venue.
  2. Staff Engagement: Train venue staff to guide guests to the stations effectively.
  3. App Integration: Integrate the ChargerGoGo app with the venue’s app for seamless user access.

By following these strategies, you can enhance the visibility and usage of ChargerGoGo stations, providing a valuable service to both venues and their guests while maximizing your passive income potential.

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