Asian Chamber of Commerce of Las Vegas recognizes ChargerGoGo

ChargerGoGo was honored to receive the Entrepreneur Award from the Asian Chamber of Commerce of Las Vegas, in recognition of its innovative solution for charging a mobile device on the go. With their groundbreaking technology, ChargerGoGo is changing the way we think about power accessibility and providing an innovative solution that serves customers from all walks of life. The team behind ChargerGoGo has taken an innovative approach to charging and made it easier than ever to keep our devices powered. With their remarkable product, they are helping usher in a new era of mobile charging convenience.

With innovative solutions that span from airports to events, people everywhere are able to access a reliable source of charging. This innovative technology has made life easier for those who rely on their mobile device every day, allowing them to stay connected on the go without worrying about running out of battery power. ChargerGoGo continues its expansion throughout the United States, offering its innovative mobile device charging solutions wherever you go.

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