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Become a pivotal part of ChargerGoGo's extensive distribution partner network, connecting with a vibrant community dedicated to revolutionizing the mobile charging industry.
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Why People Choose ChargerGoGo Over Other Brands

Here are the reasons ChargrGoGo is leading the game in mobile charging kiosks

AI-powered tools ensure your success

Our advanced technology ensures a seamless, intelligent experience, offering convenience and innovative solutions to our partners.

No upfront franchise fee

Start your journey with ChargerGoGo without the burden of initial franchise costs.

Flexible initial investment

Dive into the ChargerGoGo ecosystem with an adaptable investment plan tailored to your capacity.

Money-back guarantee

Our money-back guarantee ensures that you can invest with confidence, knowing that your satisfaction is our top priority.

All-inclusive competitive price

Our pricing is straightforward and transparent. All fees are included, with no hidden charges or unexpected monthly payments. You get the full value of our service without any surprises.

Multiple revenue streams

Maximize profitability through battery rental, referral, product sales, and DOOH advertising, ensuring diverse and consistent earnings.

Voice from Our Distribution Partner Community

Hear from some of our amazing distribution partners

"As someone very knowledgeable about the phone charging business, I was impressed when I saw the ChargerGoGo product. Their product stands out in the market with superior quality and reliability. The transparency in their business model is unmatched, which instills great confidence. ChargerGoGo offers a much better product overall, and the support from the team has been exceptional. This partnership is a promising venture, and I look forward to seeing it thrive."

Dean Delliponti
Distribution Partner

"As a former bar manager, I was constantly dealing with customers asking to charge their phones, which was incredibly demanding. Becoming a ChargerGoGo distribution partner has been a game-changer. The charging stations are reliable and user-friendly, taking the pressure off staff and allowing customers to charge their devices conveniently. The setup was easy, and the support from ChargerGoGo has been excellent. This innovative solution has not only improved the customer experience but also provided me with a profitable and hassle-free business opportunity."

Judson Melton
Distribution Partner

"As a senior at college, partnering with ChargerGoGo has been one of the best decisions I've made. It’s a great way to be an entrepreneur while still in school. I've learned so much about running a business, and it feels great to offer a service that's so appreciated by my fellow students."

Jameson Jonesof
Distribution Partner

"As a dog breeder, I wanted a side business with minimal operational demands. ChargerGoGo was the perfect fit. The setup was straightforward, and the support has been fantastic. ChargerGoGo's locator service helped me find prime venue locations, ensuring high foot traffic and maximizing my revenue. The charging stations are reliable and require minimal maintenance, making this a hassle-free and profitable venture. I'm thrilled to be part of such an innovative company."

Sergio Serrano
Distribution Partner

"Having run a food and beverage business in New York, I was looking for a new opportunity that offered flexibility and strong revenue potential. ChargerGoGo was the perfect fit. The setup was simple, and the support from the team has been outstanding. The charging stations are high-quality and in high demand, especially in busy urban areas like NYC.

Michael Fidacaro
Distribution Partner

"The dedication of ChargerGoGo's customer support is unparalleled. Whenever we faced challenges or had queries, their team was right there, ensuring we had everything we needed. It's rare to find such a committed partner in today's tech world."

Jeremy Bradshaw
Distribution Partner

"Every time I set up a ChargerGoGo station at a music festival, I'm reminded of why I chose them in the first place. Their stations are rock solid, and their software never misses a beat, just like our festival tunes! The feedback from festival-goers and the support from the ChargerGoGo team makes this partnership feel more like a friendship."

Lucas Anderson
Distribution Partner

"As a recent college graduate from Illinois with experience working with ATM machines, I saw ChargerGoGo as a brilliant opportunity. The setup was straightforward, and the support from the ChargerGoGo team has been fantastic. The charging stations are reliable and in high demand, offering a great service. The transparency and innovative approach of ChargerGoGo convinced me that this is a solid business venture. I'm excited about the potential and proud to be a part of this forward-thinking company.

Dylan Goldstein
Distribution Partner

"As a college student in South Carolina, I needed a flexible and profitable business opportunity. ChargerGoGo's easy setup and excellent support fit perfectly into my busy schedule. The charging stations are reliable and popular on campus, providing a great service to my peers. The generous revenue-sharing model has given me financial stability and valuable business experience. I'm thrilled to be part of such an innovative company."

Chad Hilsman
Distribution Partner

"Partnering with ChargerGoGo has been a key move for me. The passive income generated from their charging stations has exceeded my expectations. It's a hands-off, hassle-free approach that consistently pays off. We're not just partners; we're advocates for the smart, effortless earnings that ChargerGoGo brings"

Adam Ruiz
Distribution Partner
The Entrepreneur's Choice for Vending Kiosk

Make Money with ChargerGoGo

With our successful launch over half of the nation, ChargerGoGo provides a platform for our distribution partners to build a network of phone charging stations in their cities to eliminate low battery anxiety for mobile users

Purchase ChargerGoGo stations and place them in the venues where people charge their phones every day.

Battery Rental Revenue

Digital Ad Display Revenue

Profit from Every ChargerGoGo Product Sold

Recurring Incentive from Referrals

Estimated Income

# of Stations
# of Users per Station per Day
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Active Days
Distribution Partner
Annual Income
Disclaimer: The income projections provided are for informational purposes only and are based on a variety of assumptions and data inputs that may not be applicable to your specific circumstances. These projections are not guarantees of future performance and should not be relied upon as such. Actual results may differ materially from the estimates due to a wide range of factors, including but not limited to market conditions, economic factors, changes in consumer behavior, and other risks and uncertainties. We encourage you to perform your own independent research and consult with a financial advisor before making any decisions based on these projections. ChargerGoGo assumes no responsibility or liability for any actions taken based on the information provided.
Unlock Next-Gen Vending Opportunities

A Tailored Distribution Partner Model that Fits Your Needs

Choose the perfect partnership model for your business success
Product Manufacturing
Software R&D
What You Do
Business Dvelopment
Customer Support
Tech Support
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Essential Tools and Services Ensure Your Success

GoGo Host App

Monitor and manage your ChargerGoGo network effortlessly with our Host App. This mobile application provides real-time updates, making network management a breeze.

GoGo Academy

GoGo Academy offers comprehensive training and resources to help you maximize the potential of your ChargerGoGo network.

On-going tech support

Our expert team is available to address any technical issues and ensure optimal performance.

Data plan in each charging station

Each charging station comes with a dedicated sim card & cellular data plan, ensuring seamless connectivity and real-time monitoring. ChargerGoGo covers the cost.

Certificate of Insurance

Our charging stations are covered by comprehensive General Liability Insurance with certificate of insurance (COIs) which you can request, providing peace of mind and protection against unforeseen incidents. ChargerGoGo covers the cost.

24/7 call center & customer service

We offer round-the-clock customer service through our 24/7 call center, ready to assist with any issues or inquiries.
GoGo Host App

Manage your ChargerGoGo network at your fingertips

All-in-one AI-powered operation solution
Real-time reports and analytics
Dynamic pricing
Manage stations with real-time operation data
Easy station set up
Automated accounting and withdrawal
AI coach (Beta)
iPhone mockupiPhone mockup
GoGo Host App Features

All-in-one Operation Solution

Gain insights, track performance, and make data-driven decisions with ease.

Intuitive dashboard with realtime data analytics

With our GoGo Host App, you can effortlessly monitor your passive income, track real-time kiosk operation status, withdraw your earnings, and much more.

Wholistic management system

Gain comprehensive insights into your network of charging stations with our wholistic management system, offering detailed reports from multiple perspectives.

AI coach (Beta)

Solve problems instantly with Bolt, our super-intelligent AI coach powered by OpenAI's leading artificial intelligence technology.

Step-by-step kiosk set up process

Our detailed guide ensures a smooth installation, helping you configure your kiosks efficiently and effectively.
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Building Our No.1 Product Infrastructure

We Use the Best Tools on the Market to Meet Our Customers's Needs

Our commitment to excellence means we use the best tools available to construct our product infrastructure. This ensures robust, reliable, and cutting-edge solutions that support our services and drive innovation.
The Entrepreneur's Choice for Vending Kiosk

Why Choose ChargerGoGo

Next-gen vending business opportunity

Experience the future of vending with a model designed for modern needs and tech-savvy consumers.

No upfront franchise fee

Start your journey with ChargerGoGo without the burden of initial franchise costs.

Flexible initial investment

Dive into the ChargerGoGo ecosystem with an adaptable investment plan tailored to your capacity

Passive income

Watch your earnings grow consistently with minimal hands-on management.

Multiple revenue streams

Maximize profitability through battery rental and DOOH advertising, ensuring diverse and consistent earnings.

Customer success support

Invest with confidence, knowing ChargerGoGo stands firmly behind its offering and your satisfaction.

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Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We have the answers!
Why do businesses need a charging station?
Low phone battery anxiety is real, and it may be impacting sales. ChargerGoGo offers a solution. With ChargerGoGo's two-in-one portable charger and display station, businesses can delight their guests, increase sales, and earn passive income.
How much can I expect to make?
As a Distribution Host, you earn 70% of all station transactions. We give you 80% at first until you cover the cost of your purchase. While there are many variables contributing to your earning revenue, we have provided a list of possible revenue projections, based on averages we are currently seeing.

Tap to estimate your income
How much time and maintenance does this take?
Our charging stations are completely self-service, so there is no need to alter your operations or train your employees to set one up. The charging station is closely monitored by our team to see if there are any service disruptions. Normally, one person can take care of 200-400 charging stations.
Is there an ongoing fee for this service?
When you invest in a charging station, there are no recurring monthly fees. The only continuous component is a revenue share, which encompasses the data plan, software licensing, call center, customer training, and support.
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