Offer Free Charging Stations To Your Network And Earn A Recurring Commission

*No purchase or investment required
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Why join our GoGo Network Program?

Join a leading company to fill an unmet need

High earning potential with one of the most generous network programs

Make passive income

Minimal effort

No investment needed

Tools & training

Get all the tools & support you need to succeed

ChargerGoGo will provide all the information, guidance, and tools you need, from the moment you sign up to the moment you get paid. Book a 15-minute quick meeting now to learn more!
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Who is this for?

This program is for anyone who wants to make passive income by leveraging their network. 

There are three host types to choose from

I Own a Venue

Distribution Partner

Purchase a station and deploy our charging stations to earn up to 80% rev-share
Become a Distribution Partner
I Own a Venue

Venue Operator

Get a free station and deploy it at a location you own or operate, and earn a rev-share
Become a Venue Operator


You don’t own a location for a charging station, but can refer local host partners to us
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How does GoGo Network Program work?

Refer people to sign up and earn passive income

An easier way to refer with minimal effort

Send your network a referral request using a unique link in a few clicks…. 
Download GoGo Host App:
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Log in to our GoGo Host App
Share link to your referrals

Share a link

Click "refer a host”, share unique referral link or QR code to your high-level relationships
See your referral's performance

Support your network

Support your referral host members to develop a multi-layer network
Earn passive income from your referral's station transactions

Get paid

Start earning cash from your referral partners

How to earn $45K and more a month

Assuming each store makes $105 total rental revenue per month (1 user a day, $3.5 per rental)
Estimated income table from referring people

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What are the host types?

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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ will help you learn more about ChargerGoGo and how to get started with hosting a charging station.

Why do businesses need a charging station?

Is the charging station really free?

Who qualifies for a free charging station?

What type of host should I choose?

How often can I withdraw money from my wallet/app?

How does the referral program work?

Will I receive support and marketing collateral/ training?

What types of tools, materials and training will I have access to?

Is there a limit on the number of referral partners under me?

Who will deploy the stations?

What help will I receive in deploying the stations?

What if I sign up for a business in a different city? How do we ship the product and who pays for shipping?

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