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Our Vision

ChargerGoGo envisions becoming the global standard for smart, shared charging solutions, pioneering a network that delivers unparalleled convenience, connectivity, and sustainable power for a world on the move.

Our Mission

Our mission is to democratize efficient and effective business ownership with minimal overhead, addressing the real-world need for mobile device charging while providing a valuable service to the community.

About ChargerGoGo

ChargerGoGo is at the forefront of mobile charging solutions, offering an innovative network of shared power bank charging stations accompanied by dynamic digital signage. Recognizing the modern necessity to stay connected, ChargerGoGo ensures that a low battery is never a hindrance, whether you're navigating a busy day of errands, attending events, or simply out and about in the city.

Our service is simplicity itself: whenever your phone’s battery dips, you can easily pick up a portable ChargerGoGo battery that includes all the essentials for a quick power boost on-the-go. These user-friendly batteries are universally compatible, featuring three different charging cables to accommodate Lightning, Type-C, and any Micro-USB devices, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity and convenience. After powering up, users can return the battery to any ChargerGoGo station, which they can locate a nearby charging station through the mobile app. This seamless cycle of rent-and-return eliminates the anxiety of low batteries and the need for carrying cumbersome cables and chargers.
ChargerGoGo phone charging stations containing portable phone chargers
ChargerGoGo phone charging stations containing portable phone chargers
Beyond providing power, each ChargerGoGo station doubles as a beacon of information with its integrated digital signage, offering both functional and advertising value. This platform not only guides the user but also serves as an engaging medium for businesses and advertisers to capture the attention of a tech-savvy audience.

At ChargerGoGo, we are committed to keeping you connected, powering your day, and enriching the urban landscape with our smart, accessible, and secure charging solutions.

Our Locations

From bustling shopping centers and popular restaurants to major event venues and tourist attractions, ChargerGoGo's network spans nationwide
ChargerGoGo phone charging station locations