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9 out of 10 people suffer from Low Battery Anxiety
a man feeling sad about not being able to charge his phone

Many businesses do not have the ideal solution and are unable to fulfill customer needs resulting in customer disputes.

Many smart phones with tangled cables connected

Restaurants do not want to burden their employees with responsibility of charging and returning customer phones.

A Real Solution For A Real Problem
Benefit to Your Customers
ChargerGoGo 24/7 support team

Keep phone juiced

ChargerGoGo ensures your guests' phone stays juiced up with our convenient and accessible portable charging stations.

Display ads on our charging stations

Know your guests

With ChargerGoGo's service at your venue, gain insights about your guest and enhance their experience.

Revenue from becoming a Distribution Partner with us

Get you supported

ChargerGoGo provides comprehensive support to ensure seamless operation of the charging stations at your venue

Flexible Business Model


Best for providing an paid amenity to your customers

Enhanced customer experience
Manufacture warranty
Tech support
Lost battery replacement
Revenue sharing


Enhance your customer experience while providing a much-needed amenity for free

Enhanced customer experience
Manufacture warranty
Tech support
Lost battery replacement
24/7 customer hotline
Opt-in (consented) user data
Branded wrapping
Onscreen ads
Low monthly subscription fee
Starting at $75 per month
Contact Sales


Know your guest through mobile survey while providing an much-needed amenity for free

Enhanced customer experience
Manufacture warranty
Tech support
Lost battery replacement
24/7 customer hotline
Opt-in (consented) user data
Branded wrapping
Onscreen ads
Mobile app integration
Realtime customer survey
Customized SMS to retain customer
Contact sales for pricing
Contact Sales
What we offer
ChargerGoGo 24/7 support team

24/7 Support

Our dedicated support team is always with you. We also provide training materials online for your convenience.

Display ads on our charging stations

Ad Display

From displaying ads on the screen to the station’s appearance, we can customize each station to your preference.

Revenue from becoming a Distribution Partner with us

Rev Share

As a Venue Operator (Local Host), you are eligible for a FREE charging station and you will earn a percentage of all station transactions.

Showcase your business on our ChargerGoGo app

Promote Your Business

When you join our partnership, your store location will appear on our ChargerGoGo app, increasing visibility to your business!

Custom wrap your charging station

Customizable Wrap

Our station can be custom wrapped to fit your business aesthetics or any design of your choice!

Refer a friend to join our network and earn extra revenue

Refer & Earn

Refer someone to join our network. You can get 10% extra referral revenue sharing from us.

Hear What Our Partners Say About Us
Testimonial from local host MGM Grand
“As a venue that hosts hundreds of events yearly, we see millions of people coming to our arena. There was no way to fulfill customer needs of charging their phones until I heard about ChargerGoGo’s portable phone charging stations. I have placed numerous stations throughout the arena, so I can keep my customers charged and happy!”
Scott Preston
Executive Director/General Manager,
MGM Grand Garden Arena
Testimonial from our local host Area 15
“As a venue who sees over 500+ customers daily, I didn’t think we would have the staff to maintain a charging station but these stations are self-service! It turns out adding this service really enhanced their overall experience during their time in my venue. Customers can freely walk around with their fully charged phones and share pictures with their friends!"
Michael Casper
Vice President Of Business Development,
Area 15 (Las Vegas)
Testimonial from our local host Max Brenner
“Adding a ChargerGoGo phone charging station in my business was the best idea we made for my store. Not only did we attract new customers but we were able to fulfill customer needs by providing these portable phone chargers to them.”
Wilfredo Martinez
Manager, Max Brenner International (NYC)
Testimonial from our local host Fogo De Chao
“As a fine dining restaurant, we wanted to add this amazing service to our business while making it a seamless integration. The sleek design of the station made it fit into our aesthetics and I also had the option of custom wrapping my station to my brand aesthetics!”
Valdenir Machado
Manager, Fogo De Chão (Las Vegas)

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Game Changing Solution
ChargerGoGo charging station compared to competitors

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C8 Pro and C40 Pro Charging stations with portable phone chargers