ChargerGoGo charging station displaying in store

What is ChargerGoGo?

ChargerGoGo is at the forefront of mobile charging solutions, offering an innovative network of shared power bank charging stations accompanied by dynamic digital signage. Recognizing the modern necessity to stay connected, ChargerGoGo ensures that a low battery is never a hindrance, whether you're navigating a busy day of errands, attending events, or simply out and about in the city. Each of our versatile batteries is equipped with three types of chargers, compatible with Apple, Android, and other USB devices, offering universal convenience.
Our Commitment to the Environment

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

ChargerGoGo provides a pay-per-use solution by providing convenient charger rentals with the purpose of reducing toxic metal waste from lithium batteries disposal.
Portable Phone Charger

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Hear from some of our amazing partners who are loves our service.
"Attending a convention can be draining for your phone with all the photos and networking. Thanks to ChargerGoGo, I was able to recharge my device on-site without missing any part of the event."
Julia S.
"I tried ChargerGoGo for the first time at a music festival. The convenience and speed of getting my phone charged up were impressive allowing me to be untethered. Now, I always look for their stations wherever I go"
Marie W.
"ChargerGoGo is my go-to whenever I'm out and about. Their stations are conveniently located, and the fact that I can charge any device, be it Apple or Android, is fantastic."
James C.
"ChargerGoGo is brilliant! Found it in a mall when my phone was nearly dead. It's incredibly user-friendly and efficient. I was back to full battery in no time. It’s a must-use for anyone who hates carrying power banks around."
Liam B.
"I was at my favorite bar when my phone's battery started to die. ChargerGoGo was a total game changer! Not only could I charge my phone quickly, but I also didn't have to worry about missing any important calls or messages. It's the perfect addition to any social setting!"
Sophia L.
"Absolutely loving ChargerGoGo! I was out and about when my phone hit 1%, and finding a ChargerGoGo station was a lifesaver. Super convenient and easy to use. Definitely a game-changer for anyone who's always on the go!"
John J.

Our Presence

ChargerGoGo maintains a significant presence throughout the United States and around the globe, ensuring accessible power for people on the move.

Our Proprietary Technology

We integrate advanced features with strong security protocols to guarantee smooth, reliable, and secure interactions, thereby elevating user and partner satisfaction and trust.

Automated Detection and Withdrawal

Each time a battery is returned, the charging station instantly assesses its status. Any disassembled or altered battery is promptly identified and removed from circulation, guaranteeing the safety of all batteries in use.

Regular System Updates and Security Patches

ChargerGoGo consistently upholds top security standards, regularly updating and patching its systems to safeguard users against evolving cyber threats.

Data Access Prevention

ChargerGoGo's battery cable is exclusively for charging, preventing any unauthorized data transfer for a secure charging experience.
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