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What is ChargerGoGo?

ChargerGoGo is a leader in mobile charging solutions, featuring the largest network of shared power bank stations available for rent, enhanced with digital signage. We ensure you stay connected no matter the activity—running errands, attending events, or exploring the city. Each of our versatile batteries is equipped with three types of chargers, compatible with Apple, Android, and USB devices, offering universal convenience.

Our Presence

ChargerGoGo maintains a significant presence throughout the United States and around the globe, ensuring accessible power for people on the move.




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Our Proprietary Technology

We integrate advanced features with strong security protocols to guarantee smooth, reliable, and secure interactions, thereby elevating user and partner satisfaction and trust.

Enhanced Security

ChargerGoGo upholds top security standards by regularly updating and patching systems to protect against evolving cyber threats, partnering with renowned companies like AWS and Stripe for robust security.

Smarter with AI

ChargerGoGo has integrated an advanced AI coach, powered by the latest ChatGPT, to offer our partners unparalleled support in expanding and managing their network of charging stations.

Real-time Analytics

ChargerGoGo provides detailed, real-time reports and analytics, ensuring you have up-to-the-minute insights to make informed decisions.

Easy App Integration

The ChargerGoGo App is easy to integrate and can be implemented to fit the unique needs of your venue.
Our Commitment to the Environment

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

ChargerGoGo provides a pay-per-use solution by providing convenient charger rentals with the purpose of reducing toxic metal waste from lithium batteries disposal.
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