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Envision a world where electronic waste is a thing of the past and lush green trees fill every landscape!
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Don't Buy When You Can Rent

Most portable power banks are purchased and used only a few times before being discarded. This practice contributes to increasing landfill waste and poses environmental and health risks.

Here are some facts that might give you insight into

Challenges in Recycling Lithium-Ion Batteries

According to the American Chemical Society's Chemical Abstracts Service, only 5% of the world's lithium-ion batteries are recycled. This low rate of recycling highlights the need for more sustainable consumption practices, such as renting instead of buying.

Lack of Awareness in Proper Disposal

Resource Recycling Systems estimates that 75-92% of used lithium-ion batteries are thrown away improperly. This improper disposal leads to significant environmental hazards, including soil and water contamination.

Potential Landfill Impact

An Australian study found that 98.3% of lithium-ion batteries end up in landfills. This staggering statistic underscores the importance of reducing battery waste through sustainable alternatives like ChargerGoGo's rental service.
Our Commitment to the Environment

How ChargerGoGo is Making a Difference

At ChargerGoGo, we are dedicated to protecting the environment. Our innovative pay-per-use solution provides convenient charger rentals with the aim of reducing toxic metal waste from lithium battery disposal.

By offering this service, we help to decrease the number of single-use batteries that end up in landfills, thus minimizing the environmental impact and promoting a sustainable future.

Our Results in Numbers


Tons of lithium waste prevented


Number of chargers resued


Pounds of toxic metals diverted from landfills

Our Key Initiatives


We focus on reducing the production and disposal of single-use batteries by providing reusable charger rentals.


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We ensure that our chargers, at the end of their lifecycle, are recycled responsibly to reclaim valuable materials and minimize environmental impact.
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