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Combining advertising with a much needed service

Rather than traditional advertising methods, ChargerGoGo utilize our phone charging stations to deliver advertising directly to consumers. You can now sponsor our screens with your brand and form real connections in businesses that have our charging stations.

ChargerGoGo provides an essential on-the-go phone charging service and can be found in all kinds of businesses – from bars and restaurants to stadiums and arenas.

Station Showcase

C8 Pro Phone Charging Station
C8 Pro
Screen Size
10.1 inches
C32 Pro Phone Charging Station
C32 Pro
Screen Size
19 inches
C40 Pro Phone Charging Station
C40 Pro
Screen Size
43 inches

Our Network Spans Across Different Verticals

The size and reach of our network spanning across different verticals

ChargerGoGo C40 Pro Phone Charging station in entertainment venues

Entertainment Venues


. . .

ChargerGoGo C8 Pro Phone Charging station in bars and restaurants

Bars & Restaurants


. . .

ChargerGoGo C8 Pro Phone Charging station in convention centers

Conference Centers


. . .

ChargerGoGo C8 Pro Phone Charging station in retail stores and malls

Retail Stores & Malls


. . .

ChargerGoGo C40 Pro Phone Charging station in casinos and resorts

Casinos & Resorts


. . .

ChargerGoGo C8 Pro Phone Charging station in festivals and events

Festivals & Events


. . .

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Why Choose ChargerGoGo


With our affordable prices, you are guaranteed to get the best price for your advertising slot

Precision marketing

Target your audience by city, state, zip code, business type, and demographics

Various Screen Sizes

Choose from a variety of screen sizes that will best fit your ad


Have control of your ad space and choose how often your ads show

High Engagement

Our stations are placed in high foot traffic locations so you can be sure your message will reach your audience

High Visibility

Engage with your audience while they interact with the station during the rental process

Users renting portable phone battery from C32 Pro phone charging station Contact Sales

Nationwide Network

Our phone charging station network expands across major cities in the United States

ChargerGoGo Phone charging station locationsContact Sales

What People Say

"I was looking for a new way to advertise my company when I came across ChargerGoGo. I decided to give it a try and the response has been incredible! I am always pleased with their service and I am thrilled with their clean, effective advertising."

Frederick J

Founder, The Happy Bear

"A traditional billboard ad was too expensive and it seems like it is not really effective for my type of advertisements. With ChargerGoGo digital display ads, I was given options to display my ads in different types of stores on various screen sizes."

Flossie M

Realtor, 20 Century Real Estates

"I was able to target specific types of stores with their precision marketing and attract the right audience for my ads. Not to mention , this is far more affordable than other advertising options. Overall, I'm very happy and would highly recommend this to anyone looking to advertise."

Justin M

Owner, Principal Law

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