ChargerGoGo at DSE 2023: Pioneering a New Wave in DOOH Advertising

 Leo Carrington
Leo Carrington
December 11, 2023


This year's Digital Signage Experience (DSE) 2023 marked a significant milestone for ChargerGoGo. As pioneers in the fusion of phone charging stations and dynamic digital signage, we were thrilled to showcase our latest innovations in Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising.

A Gathering of Industry Titans

DSE 2023 was a melting pot of over 6000 industry experts, featuring renowned companies such as T-Mobile, Vistar Media, Loop, Verizon, Tao Group, MeowWolf, HiveStack, Anytime Fitness, and Carnival Cruise Line. This gathering of minds created an electrifying atmosphere, buzzing with ideas and innovations.

Celebrating Team Spirit and Leadership

A big applause goes out to the entire ChargerGoGo team for their incredible passion and energy which was palpable throughout the event. Special kudos to Matt Zeiger, whose captivating speech not only engaged but truly resonated with the audience, reflecting the spirit and vision of our brand.

A New Era in Advertising

At ChargerGoGo, we believe in pushing the boundaries of traditional advertising. Our presence at DSE 2023 with booth #443 was a testament to this ethos. We proudly showcased how our unique combination of phone charging stations and dynamic digital signage offers an engaging and cost-effective advertising solution. This innovative approach not only captures the attention but also the imagination of consumers, offering a more localized in DOOH advertising.

Engagement and Efficiency

One of the key highlights at our booth was the insightful discussions surrounding the potential to drive higher engagement while lowering CPM costs. Our focus on hyper-local targeting, coupled with the capability for widespread reach, has set a new standard in the advertising world. We demonstrated how ChargerGoGo's solutions could create more meaningful and impactful advertising experiences.


As we reflect on the success at DSE 2023, we are more motivated than ever to continue innovating and leading the way in DOOH advertising. Join us on this journey to redefine advertising spaces and create unforgettable consumer experiences.

Explore our dedicated advertising page for in-depth insights into ChargerGoGo’s cutting-edge advertising solutions.

Leo Carrington
December 11, 2023
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