ChargerGoGo Charging Stations are gaining national attention as the new vending business opportunity

 Leo Carrington
Leo Carrington
November 7, 2022

ChargerGoGo, the world's leading network of on-demand phone charging systems providing rental power banks, announced a strategic partnership with Hestia Insight Inc, a financial and consulting management services solution. The partnership is with its wholly-owned subsidiary, HESTIA HEALTH Inc.

Under the company name Hestia Vending, the company has launched a vending pilot program featuring E-vending machines dispensing healthy food, beverage, and wellness products. HESTIA HEALTH will place charging stations in its existing locations and venues to provide ChargerGoGo's value-added kiosk to smartphone users. ChargerGoGo's kiosk allows users to pick up a portable battery to charge on-the-go, and avoid missing a significant event or meeting. Users can return the batteries to any nearby ChargerGOGO or Hestia Vending kiosk.

ChargerGoGo CEO June Zhu aims to leverage strategic partnerships with leading A.I.-powered vending machine operators to accelerate network expansion.

"These partnerships are invaluable for us to quickly expand into retail and hospitality locations to advance the venue's guest experience using our best-in-class charging kiosks," June said. 

June sees this partnership as the beginning of many future partnerships nationwide with massive vending machine operators. 

"We live in a digital world, where we are dependent on our phones for virtually everything, and our on-demand, mobile battery stations are an essential amenity for any type of venue," June said. "We know most people have low-battery issues when away for a longer period, and most panic when their battery goes below 20 percent. It's a big problem, and we have an easy solution."

ChargerGoGo's kiosks are ideal for installation at any commercial venue with foot traffic, such as restaurants, bars, nightclubs, coffee shops, stadiums, convention centers, hotels, hospitals, and retail centers.

Most recently, ChargerGoGo powered the phones of thousands of festival-goers at the 2022 Life is Beautiful music festival, a three-day event with over 170,000 people in attendance. Last year, in November 2021, the brand installed 95 kiosks housing 2,000 portable batteries at the EDC Orlando.

ChargerGoGo's kiosks have been installed permanently at the Las Vegas Convention Center, MGM Grand Garden Arena, AREA15, McDonald's, and The Exchange (Army & Air Force Exchange Service), among hundreds of others. After establishing itself across Asia, where it deployed more than 1 million charging kiosks and attracted more than 360 million users and 20,000 distributors, ChargerGoGo is positioned to become the largest shared power bank network in the United States.

With the vision of bringing ChargerGoGo charging stations to every commercial facility, festival and event with foot traffic nationwide, the company is looking for more strategic partnerships to accelerate its growth. 

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ChargerGoGo is the leading on-demand shared power bank network for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, coffee shops, stadiums, convention centers, hotels, hospitals, and retail centers. The company's charging stations allow customers to pick up a portable battery, charge their phones and then return it to any ChargerGoGo kiosk near them. ChargerGoGo's mission is to improve people's lives by saving them from constantly dying phones while helping host venues boost sales, grow revenue, and elevate their customer experience. With its U.S. headquarters in Las Vegas, ChargerGoGo envisions bringing its charging stations to every commercial facility nationwide. 

For more information, call (833) 933-GOGO(4646), visit or follow on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Leo Carrington
November 7, 2022
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