3 Ways Multi-unit Franchise Owners Can Increase their Revenue

The Multi-Unit Franchise Conference held at the Las VegasConvention Center in … was a huge success. This is an excellent conference forfranchisees to network, learn, explore and grow their business. 

Our booth attracted a lot of interest as an increasing number offranchisees are looking for additional sources of revenue, especiallypost-COVID. With ChargerGoGo's portable mobile charging stations, businesseswith foot traffic (like most multi-unit franchisees at the show) can add apassive source of income and "wow" their customers. Furthermore, theycan increase their revenue. 

Here are three ways Multi-unit owners can increase their revenueby hosting ChargerGoGo's charging stations:

1. Earna passive income from their stations:

Businesses can earn a 30% revenue share from chargerrentals by hosting a charging station. They can also purchase the stations,accumulating 80% of revenue share till break-even and 70% after that.
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2. Boostsales

When guests andpatrons have their phones charged, they are likely to stay longer and ordermore or shop more from a location that offers charging stations. Additionally,franchisees can use the LED Display screens on the stations to advertise andpush their specials and reduce costs by using the charging stations for morethan one function. 

3. Elevatethe customer experience

When a business provides an additional service that people need,they can create "wow" moments, elevate the customer experience, andincrease loyalty. 

All of the above help increase the revenue at each franchiselocation, which is excellent news for the franchisor. It is a win/win situationfor all parties involved—the customers, the franchisees, and the franchisors. 

ChargerGoGo has a consumer and a host app. The host app allowsthe hosts to see their transactions in real-time and draw money from theiraccounts anytime. 

The best part is that the hosts don't have to do anything oncethe station is set up. Any issues that may arise go straight to ChargerGoGo viathe consumer app. 

For the users, we have made it very easy to use. You do not evenneed an app to rent a charger —you scan the QR code, grab and go. The chargingunit has three chargers for an iPhone, Android, and a USB for small devices. 

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