ChargerGoGo presents at StartUp Vegas: LevelUp

ChargerGoGo presents at StartUp Vegas: LevelUp! an event held by StartUp Vegas to showcase and promote the product to the local startup community and enterprises. Startup Vegas is a non-profit organization whose mission is to boost local startup culture and provide value to the startup scene in Southern Nevada through training, workshops, mentorship, collaboration, and networking opportunities.

ChargerGoGo charging station was set up to serve the audience at the event

ChargerGoGo has been one of the fastest-growing startups in Southern Nevada. The company provides a solution to a problem most people encounter daily. According to research, 80% of cell phones hit low battery while away from the home at least once a week and ChargerGoGo solves this problem with the perfect portable grab-n-go charging solution. “So far, ChargerGoGo has already built a network of 500+ charging stations in just Vegas alone, and we aim to increase the number to 2500 in order to eliminate the low battery anxiety for over 55 million tourists and Vegas locals” says June Zhu, CEO and Founder of ChargerGoGo. The presentation was well-received by the audience and panelists. Having seen the product around Las Vegas, Community Development Manager & Dealflow Coordinator at StartupNV Logan Brown commented, “It's a really compelling venture and I am happy that it is based in Nevada.”

Audience at the ChargerGoGo presentation

ChargerGoGo estimates the North American portable phone charging market size to grow to $2 billion by the end of 2025. As the leading company in this market, ChargerGoGo continues to build exposure and lead the way to build the world’s largest shared portable phone charging network.

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