ChargerGoGo Saved the Day at EDC Las Vegas and Orlando

 Leo Carrington
Leo Carrington
December 17, 2021

Electric Daisy Carnival, commonly known as EDC, is the largest electronic dance music festival in North America. EDC Las Vegas is much more than a music festival. It's an event where festival-goers immerse their senses in art and music and create priceless memories under the electric sky with their friends. It's easy to capture these memories on your phone, but there's a big problem: you are at a huge music festival and need to stay connected. 

Ever looked down at your phone for one second or become momentarily distracted (there's so much to take in at the EDC), only to find your friends are missing you are now alone in a pool of people. The next thing you know is your phone is dangerously running out of battery. 

At ChargerGoGo, we have a solution, so we decided to go to our first-ever EDC in Las Vegas held this year. The portable battery units were a massive success! They kept their phones powered up at our battery charging stations. Attendees were relieved to know that they no longer had to worry about losing track of their friends or missing the perfect photo op.

"ChargerGoGo (literally) saved my life," said Susan, an attendee at EDC Las Vegas. "I panicked when I noticed my friends were gone, and I was all alone, not sure what to do next as my phone battery was at less than 10 percent. Luckily, I saw the charging station, reunited with my friends, and stayed charged throughout the event."

"I love that I didn't have to leave my phone in a kiosk. The portable battery unit stayed with me throughout the festival," said another festival attendee. 

After the resounding success of EDC in Las Vegas, we decided to roll it out at the EDC in Orlando. 

We were at the vendor village, and it was amazing to provide the much-needed product at the biggest music festival on the continent. 

You do not need an app and can take these portable chargers and return them at any ChargerGoGo charging station. Our stations are easy to use —scan the QR code, and you can rent a unit that includes three USBs —for your iPhone, Android, and other small devices. 

Provide your guests, attendees, and customers with a much-needed service, boost your sales, increase loyalty, make passive income, and the "wow" factor.

If you are an events company, email us at, and we will help you set up charging stations and wow your attendees at your next event, concert, conference, or festival.

Leo Carrington
December 17, 2021
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