Supercharge Your Next Event With ChargerGoGo's Cell Phone Charging Stations

 Leo Carrington
Leo Carrington
November 12, 2021

Our cell phone charging stations are the newest tech accessory you need at your events.

The energy at IMEX, the global business events show, and the National Hardware Show, was palpable this year. People and businesses loved coming back together from virtual meeting rooms to reconnecting with others in person. They loved being in their element.

As in-person events made a huge comeback this year, we managed to steal the show with our ChargerGoGo cell phone charging stations at many events, concerts, and conventions. 

We partnered with the Las Vegas Convention Center and the MGMGrand Arena to provide portable charging stations for guests and attendees. 

Business is better when you are connected. 

At the MGM Grand Arena, concert-goers could dance the night away; they didn't have to worry about losing their friends or get an Uber home because of their phones dying on them. 

We also set up booths at transient events like the Electric Daisy Concert (EDC) in Las Vegas and Orlando

InJanuary, you will see us at the CES 2022 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, MGMPark, and many other Strip locations. Our cell phone charging stations will be working hard to keep attendees at one of the most comprehensive (and exciting) electronics shows connected and engaged.

The best part about our cell phone charging stations is that you never have to leave your phone in a kiosk. With most static phone charging units or kiosks for businesses, you either need to plug in and stay there or leave your phone in a kiosk to charge. 

Users can take our portable battery chargers with them, so they can remain engaged and connected at all times. Our cell phone charging stations for business are easy to use —users scan a QR code and unlock the portable battery charger, which comes with three built-in cables (lighting, type-C, and micro-USB). First time users don't even need to download our app, they can use our web app to rent a charger from the phone charging station. 

ChargerGoGo cell phone charging stations for business are easy to use.

Become their hero by offering ChargerGoGo charging stations to your attendees:

1. Our cell phone charging units for business are portable;

2. Each unit includes three built-in cables — lighting, type-C, and micro-USB;

3. No need to download the app;

4. Return to any ChargerGoGo cell phone charging station.

Here are 3 reasons attendees at trade shows and business events need a cell phone charging station:

1. Stay connected 

At trade shows and business events, people need to stay connected with their business and offices at home, and their families since they are often away from home —sometimes even overseas. They need to reach team members back at their office and the trade show. They even need to connect to the new contacts and prospects they generate at the trade show. 

2. Stay engaged

Throughout their duration, trade shows have keynotes, seminars, workshops, etc. You want your attendees to be present at these and network with others. A fully charged cell phone helps attendees stay engaged throughout the show as they share content on social media and other platforms. A drained cell phone battery prevents people from sharing and posting about the event.

3. Have complete peace of mind

A portable cell phone charging station provides your attendees with complete peace of mind knowing that they can charge their cell phones anytime and not have to worry about missing important calls, appointments, and events. Often these attendees need to take a ride-share, and they need their phones to work at all times. 

Cell phone charging stations are a win-win for attendees and the event hosts, organizers, and sponsors.

Here's how ChargerGoGo's cell phone charging station is beneficial for event companies:

1. Brand awareness

We provide custom wrapping so you can fully customize and brand our cell phone charging stations for your business, thereby creating brand awareness. 

2. User-generated content

When attendees know it's easy to keep their cell phones fully charged, they will likely take, post, and share more pictures and event updates. This will help you reach more people and complement your brand and event promotion efforts.

3. Display ads

We provide an LED display screen you can use to advertise just about anything. Give your sponsors a spot and play your event promotion ads or show the event schedule utilizing the display screen. 

4. Add value and a "wow" factor to build a positive image

We all own a cell phone and take it with us everywhere.Low cell phone battery gives us anxiety because we use our phones for essential functions. The latest cell phone technology allows us to call, text, send emails, take pictures and videos, engage with brands, shop, dine, make hotel and travel reservations, and get a ride-share service using the phone.Therefore, providing an easy-to-use cell phone charging stations your event venue is a considerable convenience and added value for your event attendees.

5. Earn passive income 

By hosting our cell phone charging stations, you earn a percentage of the rental revenue. With the vast number of attendees, this revenue share can be a substantial additional source of income for your business.

6. Transparency with the host app: 

You can use the host app dashboard to see how much you have earned at any given time and easily withdraw cash. 

7. Leave the customer service to us:

 You don't need to worry about customer service as we take care of it via the consumer app.

Here's how you can make additional passive income for your event.

At ChargerGoGo, we offer three partnership models for our cell phone charging stations. 

1. The Consignment /Host Model

By becoming a Local Host, you get the cell phone charging station for your business at no cost and earn 30% of the rental revenue at your location. This is an ideal model for anyone that owns retail space or convention floor space.

2. The Purchase/ Distributor model

By becoming a Distribution Host, you purchase the cell phone charging station and earn up to 80% rental revenue until breakeven and 70%after that. 

3. Affiliate model

If you refer us to a business, you will earn 10% of the rental revenue from the referred businesses for 12 months. 

We have many types of cell phone charging stations available for businesses, and the product you choose depends upon factors like foot traffic, etc. Here's a line-up of our cell phone charging stations for all types and sizes of businesses.

Our Products

Want to know how much you can earn with a ChargerGoGo cell phone charging station?

Click here to use our calculator and see how much you can earn with any of the three revenue-sharing models described above. 


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Leo Carrington
November 12, 2021
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