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What can I do with ChargerGoGo?

We have two types of GoGo Host programs for you to choose from:

Venue Operator

For people who own or run a Restaurant, Bar, Club, Coffee Shop, Gym, Hair/Nail Salon, Hotel, Mall, Convention Center, Museum, Golf course, etc. We will provide you with free charging stations and 30% revenue sharing on the rental.

Learn more about how to become our Venue Operator here

Distribution Partner

For people who want to build a network of charging stations to earn perpetual passive income. You will be purchasing our station and the revenue sharing is 80%.

Learn more about how to become our Distribution Partner here

How much can I expect to make?

With over 500,000 charging stations running worldwide, we know that you will consistently generate incremental revenue and increased foot traffic. 

You can estimate your income by using our Estimate Your Income form.

How much time and maintenance does this take?

Our charging stations are completely self-service, so there is no need to alter your operations or train your employees to set one up. The charging station is closely monitored by our team to see if there are any service disruptions.  Normally, one person can take care of 200-400 charging stations.

What happens if a customer doesn't return a charger?

We bill the customer the cost of the charger and ship out a replacement to you, but this is a rare situation for 3 reasons:

  • The charger can only be recharged through our charging stations.
  • Customers receive notification reminders to return them.
  • A customer's account will be billed the full amount to replace a charger if it isn't returned to a station in 48 hours.
Can I refer to a business to be a GoGo Host?

Yes, absolutely! After you register as a GoGo Host, you can refer other businesses and receive a portion of their charging station revenue. There are four main income sources for GoGo Hosts:

  • Battery rental revenue
  • Digital ad display revenue
  • Retail margin from every ChargerGoGo product you sell
  • Recurring incentive from referrals

Is there an ongoing fee for this service?

After purchasing a charging station, there is no ongoing or monthly fee. The revenue share component is the only ongoing % split.

What is the revenue share for my charging station?

It depends on if you purchased the charging station, or if you only paid a smaller deposit ($1). If you purchased the station, the revenue share is 80% / 20% before you "break even" with ChargerGoGo taking the 20%. Break-even is when the revenue you have received totals the amount(s) you have paid for charging station(s). After break-even, the revenue share is 70% / 30% with ChargerGoGo taking 30%. If you only paid a deposit, you will only receive 30% of the revenue.