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Was I charged incorrectly?


You may see a $1 hold on your card when you start a rental. This will usually show up as "pending" on your bank statement or card. This pre-authorization is to ensure the selected payment method is a valid form of payment.

We release this temporary hold after when you have returned the charger or when your order has ended. You may check with your bank to understand their policies on pre-authorization holds. It may take anywhere from 7-10 business days for the payment issuer to remove the hold on your account.

Pricing Plan

ChargerGoGo charges a fixed rate to start a rental and then charges per hour thereafter.

Late Fee

If the charger is not returned to our station within 48 hours, a $10 late fee is added to your order. Generally, the total charge including the late fee will be no more than $30 for each rental. You can view all your current and past transactions under "order history" in the app.

If you believe you were charged incorrectly after reviewing the information above, please reach out to our Customer Service for further resolution.

Can I get a refund for my rental?

As per our rental policy, we do not offer refunds for your use of our Services that are deemed as valid rentals.

If you believe you were charged incorrectly, please contact us here.

Do I have to pay if the portable charger is stolen?

If the charger is stolen and cannot be returned to our station within 48 hours, the maximum total you will be charged will be $30.