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What is ChargerGoGo?

ChargerGoGo provides a network of on-demand portable charging stations. Whenever you need to charge your phone, just pick up a portable battery that includes everything you need to recharge on the go. When you’re done, just drop off the battery at any charging station near you. Businesses that set up a charging station receive a portion of the revenue. Depending on the business and foot traffic, a single charging station could drive $10k+ incremental revenue. We have over 500,000 charging stations deployed worldwide, and are looking forward to connecting with you!

How do I create an account with ChargerGoGo?

ChargerGoGo offers the option to sign-up using your phone number, Apple ID, or Google account.

ChargerGoGo will send you a verification code via SMS (text message). Enter the confirmation code into the app to proceed. Note this number will become the ID associated with your account for future login.

Apple ID
If you are using an Apple device, you may log in using your Apple ID. To create an account, ChargerGoGo will request permission for your name and email.

To create an account using Google log-in, follow the steps on Google to provide us with permission to see your name and email.

What hours are portable chargers available to rent?

Our portable chargers are available whenever our partnered locations are open for business. You can view the hours of operation of each location in the app (iOS and Android). You maybe unable to rent or return a portable charger during closed hours. If you can't find nearby locations that are currently open, pan the map to see more locations near you.

Why am I not receiving verification SMS?

You must be able to receive text messages on the number you entered to sign-up for ChargerGoGo. Make sure you are in an area with good cellular coverage. If you do not receive the verification SMS, you can request the code to be resent, or get started by choosing a different login method.